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The Myhomelab Mission

After episodes of desperation in finding the best cure for her hair fall problems, our founder, Sophia Ruslan began to discover the root issue why she is having these problems. She began researching on products and lead her to discover the truth behind the hair care & cosmetic industries.

Terrified with the result from her research she found most of our product today have a lots of toxins that will effect in long term health. Commercial rarely disclosed their ingredients integrity and some of them had been sued for billions of dollar for causing cancer in consumers.

She began to reduce her consumption of commercial products and start the natural journey. Slowly her health healed and her hair fall never falling out again. 

She tried out the the natural remedies for hair like coconut milk mask, apple cider vinegar rinse and all that comes with good return. Excited with the result, she start to share her story with family and close friends. But they couldn't follow her same journey because it is quite troublesome for them.

Later, with her experiences & some knowledge about cosmetic chemistry, she try to formulate a product that is easy to use with the same natural benefits. 

Her first successful hair care product is Shampoo Santan using the real coconut milk. The product gained a lot positive feedbacks and popularity between her community. With encouragement from the user, she decided to market Shampoo Santan in the mass market. 

Starting from that, it became phenomena. Average of 250,000 bottles of Shampoo Santan sold in just 4 years, not including with other products.



She believe everyone deserve to use a good products without the risky chemicals & cheap additives, she created Myhomelab. A company that is honest in claimed & ethically operated company.

In Myhomelab we break belief

Evethough without cheap additives, fake claimed ingredients, our product can deliver the best using natural elements with the same experience like other product. the only difference, you get the REAL natural & good for you in the long term.

In Myhomelab we build healthier community

Every ingredients used in our products has been tested and be sure they comes from the highest quality. The best part? Because we use high quality REAL NATURAL ingredients you can feel the difference.

In Myhomelab


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See how we make our product:

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