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Hairfall Solution (Woman)

RM 125.00 MYR

This is by far the best seller for our customer and more than thousand sets has been sold and loved by our customer.

Especially if you have long hair (over the shoulder length) and have dry hair you MUST start with this Pretty Set. It will help you tremendously on solving your hair problems.

This Pretty Set will help you to:

1. reduce the hairfall

2. make sure your hair will be at the best

3. smoothen & easy to manage

4. stimulate your hair to grow & replace the falls

5. thicken & strengthen the hair strand

For 1st user, we compliment you with FREE Hair Treatment Rinse to boost up the effect. Please use the set with following instructions:

Day 1 (Clarify)- Only use Hair Treatment Rinse. Make sure your hair is wet and then pour the treatment rinse onto hair, focusing on the scalp & let your hair soaked at least 3 minutes before rinsing it out. After that, you are finish, pat dry your hair.

Day 2 (Start)- Wash your hair with Shampoo Santan and leave it 5 minutes before rinse out. Squeeze the water out & follow up with Hair Conditioner. Let it absorb around 5 minutes & rinse out. Pat day your hair & immediately spread the Hair Serum on your damp hair. 1 or 2 pump is enough for you. Let it dry, no need to wash off.

Day 3 (Pause)- You don't need to wash or apply anything on your hair. If  somehow you don't feel comfortable, just wash it with water only. No shampoo, no conditioner & no treatment rinse.

Day 4 (Clarify)- You can wash your hair with Hair Treatment Rinse only, no need shampoo. Follow Step on Day 1.

Day 5 (Adapt)- Your hair will try to adjust and familiarize with the new routine, give it time before it fully effect. Wash your hair with Shampoo Santan & Conditioner like on Step Day 2. Follow up with Hair Serum.

Day 6 (Pause)- Same like Day 3. 

Day 7 (Adjust)- This is the start of your new routine and your hair start to adapt. You can wash your hair with Shampoo Santan & Hair Conditioner. Followup with Hair Serum. Once a week, substitute Hair Conditioner with Hair Treatment Rinse. 

It is advisable to wash your hair once in every 2 days. If you need to wash it daily, just wash with water only, try to avoid shampoo you hair daily. 

For most of our customers, they get the fully effect within 3 months of consistent use. Some of them have shorter period of time, and a few of them need just a little more time to fully adapt. 

Taking care your hair is a whole life commitment, no "miracle" will happen in just 1 time. It's about progress and not perfection.

Our goal is to help deprived women to solve their hair problems with the most natural & safe ways with our products. Don't shy to speak up & ask, we happy to help you anytime you need. 

If you need clarification, contact us at +60125476339 (Sophia).